Wizard World Philadelphia Highlights


The People

It’s easy to think people are weird and mean when you’re on the internet; the trolls seem to have the loudest voices. At a con  when you talk to people you get reminded fans are  all nice, reasonable people. Lines are a great place to meet people and make friends, pretty soon you’re bonding over the latest season of your favorite show and what you thought of the latest MCU movies.

There were also people from all over the world who flew here just to attend Wizard World. In a span of a few hours I met people from: Korea, Japan, Israel, Germany, Indonesia, Peru, Puerto Rico and Thailand. Everyone was excited and friendly. For some of them, it was their first time in the United States!

Panels Highlights


  • Anthony Mackie: “Thor is the only one without sleeves because he has great arms”
  • They fed Bucky plums, FINALLY!
  • Anthony Mackie throwing plums out into the crowd shouting “I’m the Marvel Oprah!”
  • Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans arguing about how how well Chris Evans drove the beetle in Civil War.
  • Tom Hiddleston neither confirming nor denying Bond rumors.
  • Chris Hemsworth doesn’t watch all of Tom’s work.
  • Tom Hiddleston fondling Chris Hemsworth’s biceps.
  • Chris Hemsworth’s arms.
  • The sass at the Agent Carter panel.
  • The sass at the Xfiles panel
  • Hayley Atwell’s phone case with an embarassing photo of Dominic Cooper

The moderators were all very good at throwing out interesting questions and keeping a good balance of fan and moderator questions. They also kept a good balance of questions from the internet, fans and industry related questions. The fans themselves asked interesting questions and no one broke the rules to ask for selfies or hugs. We’re proud!

The only downside to the panels was that the audio was not so great. It was hard to hear and pretty muffled; every other word was too soft. It was also as if the speakers were not pointing in all directions so if you sat to the side you had a worse sound experience.


So much creativity, so hard to decide a favorite. There was a couple who played “Batman’s Parents” and they would lie on the floor whenever a Batman cosplayer showed up. There was also a Russian Soldier from Civil War walking around with a freezer containing a Bucky cosplayer. Sebastian Stan was so impressed, he jumped into the freezer himself!



All in all, this was a con with great fans and great guests who went the extra mile to make sure all their fans had a great time. We’re still buzzing with the afterglow of the nerd miasma of happiness that was Wizard World Philly and can’t wait to attend the next con!


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