Batman vs Superman

This is literally the worst movie I’ve seen in the last 10 years, and I’ve seen Gods of Egypt , Exodus, Jupiter Ascending and Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen.  Nothing makes sense from point A to point Z.  Character motivations are juvenile and weak. Unnecessary scenes included. Necessary scenes omitted.  Even terrible movies usually make sense moving from beginning to the end, but they can’t even get that right here.

Fight scenes are boring and unimaginatively choreographed. If you’re used to watching stuff like Ong Bak, The Raid 1 and 2, this will bore you to tears. The fight scenes are too few and far between for a superhero movie. Most of the movie is actually juvenile “drama” in the most stereotypical cliches you’ve seen 1000 times before in the 90s, so you just end up being bored of your skull. The logic and arguments in this movie are only as good as something an 8 year old would come up with. The entire reasoning of going against Superman sounds like something a tabloid like TMZ would come up with. “We saw him fly away after an explosion, therefore he is BAD!”.

The pacing and editing is awful. There are scenes that are too long, scenes that shouldn’t be included, scenes that should have been included, and scenes that just completely destroy the mood. Why is Clark Kent constantly having fights with his editor? It’s completely unnecessary and can be left out completely. I don’t even know how Zack Snyder is a director if he can’t master editing and pacing, he’s only proven himself at setting up visually striking scenes, so that just makes him a photographer. There are plenty of other directors who know how to put together scenes and edit propery. Life is truly unfair.

The mood is all over the place. Sometimes it’s tense, and then they do something to take the tension away, like doing a 5 minute romance scene in the middle of a fight scene.  I actually think the trailer did a better job doing the introduction of Wonder Woman. Why did they have to show Wonder Woman watching the news on the plane? It completely takes away the reveal and element of surprise. Instead now the fight has no suspense, the nuke has no consequence, because we know Wonder Woman will show up eventually and continue the fight.

There are so many 90s cliches.  People get naked for no reason. Lois Lane is just bait and prop to weaken Superman. This movie was just completely boilerplate and lazy writing with no risktaking.


Wizard World Philadelphia Highlights


The People

It’s easy to think people are weird and mean when you’re on the internet; the trolls seem to have the loudest voices. At a con  when you talk to people you get reminded fans are  all nice, reasonable people. Lines are a great place to meet people and make friends, pretty soon you’re bonding over the latest season of your favorite show and what you thought of the latest MCU movies.

There were also people from all over the world who flew here just to attend Wizard World. In a span of a few hours I met people from: Korea, Japan, Israel, Germany, Indonesia, Peru, Puerto Rico and Thailand. Everyone was excited and friendly. For some of them, it was their first time in the United States!

Panels Highlights


  • Anthony Mackie: “Thor is the only one without sleeves because he has great arms”
  • They fed Bucky plums, FINALLY!
  • Anthony Mackie throwing plums out into the crowd shouting “I’m the Marvel Oprah!”
  • Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans arguing about how how well Chris Evans drove the beetle in Civil War.
  • Tom Hiddleston neither confirming nor denying Bond rumors.
  • Chris Hemsworth doesn’t watch all of Tom’s work.
  • Tom Hiddleston fondling Chris Hemsworth’s biceps.
  • Chris Hemsworth’s arms.
  • The sass at the Agent Carter panel.
  • The sass at the Xfiles panel
  • Hayley Atwell’s phone case with an embarassing photo of Dominic Cooper

The moderators were all very good at throwing out interesting questions and keeping a good balance of fan and moderator questions. They also kept a good balance of questions from the internet, fans and industry related questions. The fans themselves asked interesting questions and no one broke the rules to ask for selfies or hugs. We’re proud!

The only downside to the panels was that the audio was not so great. It was hard to hear and pretty muffled; every other word was too soft. It was also as if the speakers were not pointing in all directions so if you sat to the side you had a worse sound experience.


So much creativity, so hard to decide a favorite. There was a couple who played “Batman’s Parents” and they would lie on the floor whenever a Batman cosplayer showed up. There was also a Russian Soldier from Civil War walking around with a freezer containing a Bucky cosplayer. Sebastian Stan was so impressed, he jumped into the freezer himself!



All in all, this was a con with great fans and great guests who went the extra mile to make sure all their fans had a great time. We’re still buzzing with the afterglow of the nerd miasma of happiness that was Wizard World Philly and can’t wait to attend the next con!

Gods of Egypt Review


  • Interesting visual design. Not in a “oh this is a classic” way but “oh that’s interesting and bawdy” way.
  • They took risks with the design, like making the Gods larger than humans and little details like they bleed gold.


  • Fights are repetitive and lack substance
  • Characters are fairly unlikable, I think they were going for “anti hero” or “sassy” and didn’t quite walk the line well and instead fell into “jerk” territory.
  • Visual design can be very overwhelming
  • Plot holes. Why did they send the girl to the underworld first without exploring all their options? It was very forced.

Rating: Visually interesting and fun but lacks substance. Junk food.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2


  • Some scenes with traps are pretty cool and interesting to watch, like the tar pit.


  • Movie is far too slow paced. We watched this at 15x regular speed with subtitles and it was still very slow and boring and we could read all the subtitles no problem. Almost nothing happens in most scenes. They probably stretch out too much the book to fill 2 movies.

Rating: It’s like a giant piece of bread with a tiny half teaspoon of jam in the middle. Watch it in fast forward if you must and save yourself 2 hours.

Exodus: Gods & Kings


  • The first part of the movie set in the city has interesting sets and visual design.


  • They did not have the money shot: Moses parting the Red Sea. Instead they opted for a scene of the Red Sea collapsing back.
  • Story is confusing if you are not familiar with it.
  • Editing is strange, scenes do not connect or are not the right length. Major scenes are left out. Moses is banished off screen without a real confrontation in the family. The Red Sea parts off screen.

Rating: It’s interesting to see the art direction but overall this was really bad. McDonald’s burger.